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The Harrigan Foundation was founded by Peter Harrigan in honor of his father to ensure that those in financial need, especially our service men and veterans, receive the treatment they need for addiction and trauma. We offer treatment, education, and on-line support for persons affected by addiction and trauma. We offer holistic methods for achieving recovery from a variety of problems relating to drug use. We also offer training and education on a variety of topics including multi-cultural approaches to treatment, trauma resolution, and addiction recovery.

Our staff includes former White House drug policy staff and a number of nationally renowned experts in the fields of addiction and trauma.

The standards-based performance areas for all behavioral health care organizations are:

  - Environment of Care
- Emergency Management
- Human Resources
- Infection Prevention and Control
- Information Management
- Leadership
- Life Safety
- Medication Management
- National Patient Safety Goals
- Provision of Care, Treatment and Services
- Performance Improvement
- Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual
- Waived Testing

There are also additional standards specific to the unique needs of Opioid Treatment Programs and Foster Care Programs. Some standards cover services that support a recovery-oriented philosophy and approach to care, treatment and services. These standards apply only to behavioral health care organizations offering case management/care coordination, community integration, employment services, family support, peer support, or vocational rehabilitation services.

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